I have like this love hate relationship with TMZ, sometimes I just can't stand them.  Then there's those specials times when they make a find like this and redeem themselves!  Thank you for all your hard work guys!  Jesse James' former mistress, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, has had a "celebrity" sex tape surface and it's now in the hands of a huge porno corporation!

The tattooed hottie is doing the dirty with another tattooed up hottie and the XXX dirtiness was all caught on tape.  With it being in the hands of what you would call a porn giant, expect it to be on your computer monitors soon enough!  I know I know, that's still not soon enough!

There's also I guess what you would call "porno bonus footage" as we'll see an additional sex tape that features a tattooed up man.  Well boo I thought I might make it out without man parts.

Sources tell TMZ, the footage documents two separate sexual encounters -- one with a tatted-up man ... and one with a tatted-up woman (above) ... both shot within the last year.

It's unclear how, but we're told the tapes were acquired by porn giant Red Light District -- the same adult studio that released the infamous "1 Night in Paris" -- and it plans to release the footage early next year in a 2-DVD box set.

And there's this -- we're told there's even more Bombshell sex footage floating around, but it's so extreme ... RLD is considering not releasing it for legal reasons.

The studio wouldn't comment on any possible deal it struck with Bombshell -- and attempts to reach Bombshell herself for comment were unsuccessful.

Well being that the only thing I know about this Michelle girl is that she ruined Jesse James' relationship with Sandra Bullock, maybe this is the boost she's needed to catch the world's attention officially if it does in fact get released.  It worked for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian!  Why not this girl too.  People are sick let's face it, and no I didn't say I wasn't sick.

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