OK football season is here. Pumpkin Spice season is here. Hatch Green Chile season has come and gone. People are getting ready for Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That brings us to where we are now. Tamale Season. I'm not quite sure why the cooler temperatures brings people to be ready to spend all day making batches and batches of them. I though am grateful. I got my first email of the season at work about tamale orders.

I was all in. I placed an order for 4 12 pack of spicy tamales. I got to pick them up at the end of the week. I preceded to use my Food Saver and vacuum seal sets of 4. I am all serious about not wasting one precious tamale.

I was talking about this most wonderful time of the year down the hall here at Townsquare Media when Braden screamed down the hall that he has never had a tamale. You can not, sir, come to Texas and not give them a try. I would love to bring him one of mine but he can not handle spicy food at all. i don't want to kill him.

So I feel it is my sole job to find someone else to order tamales from so that Braden can try some great Tamales. Can you believe he has never had the deliciousness? I'm not originally from Texas either but I have gone all in on trying all the foods of the South. Yes, I am not afraid to try anything. But tamales come on you are missing out on all the deliciousness.

If you find a coworker who is selling authentic homemade tamales. Order. Order now!


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