One of the things I love about Amarillo is our choices when it comes to going out to eat? I mean we have just about any type of food. You want Mexican food. We have you covered.

If your family prefers Italian food we have several places too. You want a fast and casual place. Of course. How about fancy? Don't worry we can get you to a place that you want to dress up.

If you are looking for seafood that is fine too. Of course we have places. We have your normal chain restaurants and we also have our locally owned. We really do have a little bit of everything and sometimes that makes it tough to find a place. Sometimes too many choices.

So I feel like we have to have that one restaurant that we choose as that one place. Our favorite. It is where we end up finding us heading more time than not.

So it makes me curious to your answer to this question:

If I Had to Eat at This One Amarillo Restaurant Everyday This Would Be My Place

Maybe you want a good burger. Oh or a nice pizza on date night. Like I said we have it all. Are you looking for Thai food? The possibilities are endless.

Did we pick your favorite? Did we totally miss the mark? Vote for your favorite place. Let your voice be heard. Heck maybe you will convince someone to try out your favorite place.

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