This isn't just a stolen vehicle story out of Amarillo, TX no sir!  This is about a stolen auto ring!  A conglomerate of stolen vehicles, auto burglaries and narcotics!

"On Thursday November 14th, Stolen Auto Detectives developed information on subjects involved in stealing vehicles, as well as being involved in numerous auto burglaries, and narcotics. That night, three stolen vehicles were recovered as a result of that information. On Friday November 15th, Stolen Auto Detectives working with SWAT, and Narcotics officers were able to develop information on the location of one of the suspects. The suspect was located as he was driving a stolen a pick up. Officers were following him, waiting for uniform officers to assist in making a traffic stop. The suspect figured out he was being followed and abandoned the vehicle and ran on foot. During the foot pursuit, the suspect tried to car jack an occupied vehicle, but the driver of the vehicle had locked the door and the suspect could not get inside the vehicle. The suspect continued to run but was eventually taken into custody by SWAT and Narcotics officers. Another suspect that had been in contacted by phone with the first suspect when he was being followed arrived at the scene to try to rescue the first suspect. She was taken into custody, and the vehicle she was driving had been stolen out of Randall County. Another vehicle that had been stolen by this group was recovered at a different location. A total of six vehicles were recovered and three arrests have been made at this time. The investigation continues, as further information on other suspects is being developed. The names of those arrested are being withheld due to the on-going investigation. Additional arrests as well as more stolen vehicles being recovered are anticipated."

They're still recovering vehicles as the investigation continues.  It's like a domino affect, once they get the first one down, the rest start to topple over.  So if your car was stolen and APD hasn't located it yet, just wait, it may be rolling into the evidence parking lot pretty soon!