The huge house raffle that seemed to good to be true, turned out to be just that.  Arbor Christian Academy has cancelled their home giveaway.

Last month, Arbor Christian Academy announced that they would be holding a fundraiser to help the school.  The plan was to auction off a brand new home in City View.  Only 3,000 tickets were going to be sold at $100 each.

It sounded like a great thing.  Well the unexpected happened.  Arbor Christian decided to close the doors to the school.  This lead to several other unfortunate events.

The plan was to stop selling tickets on May 11th.  Representatives for the school would then draw 25 finalists.  These finalists would be invited to a party at the home on May 18th and a winner would be drawn then.

Well, on May 11th the school had not reached the number of ticket sales they were hoping for.  According to the official rules and regulations, at least 2,000 tickets needed to be sold in order for the raffle to take place.  As of Friday, only 1,323 tickets were sold.

So the raffle was called off.  Anyone who bought a ticket will be receiving a full refund within the next month.  School officials will be contacting the people by email in order to get an address.  However, if you'd like to speed up the process, you can head over to the sight for more information.  You will also need your ticket number.

It is unfortunate that the school had to shut its doors but where one door closes, another opens.

For instructions on receiving your refund, head over to  Or you can call 806-677-1005.


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