Finally, Arby’s at Coulter and I 40 is getting a much-needed renovation. This location has been needing a sprucing up for quite some time now. From leaky roof to broken floor tiles, and water stains on the ceiling tiles, this makeover will be most welcome.

With so many dining options along the I 40 corridor it’s about time restaurants take pride in their appearance. What good is it if the food is great but the atmosphere sucks.

Many Amarillo establishments have renovated and made significant improvements, such as Fazoli’s and even the Arby’s on Western and I 27.

It’s not that difficult, keep things clean, offer great food from friendly employees and you gain loyal customers who spread the word.

I like Arby’s. I have it at least once a week at the Coulter location, however I never dine in. Hopefully after the renovation I will have a reason to sit and stay.

I called Arby’s and the employee, who did not want to identify themselves, said they were not sure how long the renovation will take, could be a few weeks. She did say that the Drive Through would be open but with limited hours.

Call to make sure they are open first 806-353-8735

If you go during lunch, grab me a Reuben!

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