This isn't your usual 'for sale' listing. This is nothing less than a perfect fit for any adrenaline junky with an affinity for two wheels,

This north Amarillo Motocross facility is listed with JT Haynes w/ Triangle Realty, LLC and I was tickled pink to stumble across this fantastic property.

This is 45 acres of heaven for anyone who loves the sport of motocross. It's located north of the city limits and features the best of both worlds. And by that I mean besides the phenomenally well-maintained dirt track, there's also some pretty sweet living spaces.

google maps
google maps

According to the listing, the dirt track is split up into two different courses, one being suited for novice riders and the other for seasoned pros.

There's a small home near the entrance of the property and the registration office that's next to the track has living quarters on the second level,

And that's not all. There's a barndominium located at the back of the property that has a two-bedroom and two-bathroom apartment complete with a small yard.

There is so much you can do with this place, the $860,000 price tag is a steal! Take a look below.

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Wow! This isn't your average property listed with JT Haynes w/ Triangle Realty, LLC.

This is a neat chance to own your very own motocross arena and the $850,000 price tag is a steal. Check it out

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

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