It is no secret that Rihanna never really got over Chris Brown, despite the horrible beating he gave her.  But could they really be back together?

In every interview that Rihanna has given, she answers the Chris Brown question the same way-"He was my first love and he needed help."  She makes it clear that she was worried about him.

Over the past years, rumors have sparked about the two still seeing each other or tweeting each other.  But this year is different.  They are being spotted all over clubs, concerts, and parties.

And how can we forget the MTV Video awards where she kissed him on the lips.  Since then, they have been spotted together all over.  The most recent happening this week.

On Monday witnesses say they spotted the two at New York City's Griffin nightclub dancing together and later hugging and kissing.  Tuesday they were seen leaving the same hotel.  Then on Wednesday night the two were seen sitting together at the Jay Z concert in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

So why on earth would Rihanna do this.  I understand first loves and people changing, but if someone beat my face as bad as he did they would never be a part of my life again.  And doesn't Chris Brown have a girlfriend?

But who am I to judge, no one.  If the two have forgiven each other for their wrong doings so be it.  They are both adults and have every right to be with who they chose, but Brown is still on probation so he better control his anger.

What do you think-Is this cute, first loves reuniting or is Rihanna setting herself up for another heartache?