The one thing I learned this weekend is about this kid named Whitey. I mean I don't really know who he is at all I know. I do know that as I scrolled through Tik Tok on Saturday night I  saw about ten to fifteen videos.  Right away.

I finally had to click on one to see who the heck this guy was. His name is William White and he just reached one million followers. All this weekend. @whiteyy18 is who you need to look to follow. if you haven't seen any of his videos. Lucky you. Why is he all over my feed? People were comparing him to a young Rob Lowe. One video compared him to a young Blackie, you know, John Stamos when he was on General Hospital.

Apparently because I am over forty Tik Tok thinks he needs to be all over my feed. He is lip syncing to "Into the Night" by Benny Mardones. Then there are videos of him while lip syncing to "Stacy's Mom" by Fountain of Wayne. As the night progressed I kept seeing him more and more. Stop the madness. He is lip syncing to so many 80's songs. Good for him. I guess.

You can follow him HERE. I would share a video of him here but I would have to warn you about all the videos you will see after the fact. Many women won't mind at all. It's actually kind of fun to watch. I am, though warning you now.

Sure the guy is nice looking but he is my daughter's age. I really don't need to see them all. So I asked my daughter if she was too seeing any of these. She had no idea what I was talking about. So I sent her a few. She said "Great mom now I am sure I will start seeing all of his videos too." She was joking but then I saw another Tik Tok of a young girl blaming her mom for this exact problem.

It said that she started scrolling and seeing all of these videos because her mom sent them to her as well. Oops. So I sincerely apologize to my daughter. I just know I am ready for these to be off my page too.

Kudos to you Whitey for blowing up Tik Tok and becoming the sensation you have for all of us over forty year old women....but please stop making videos. I beg of you.

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