A survey by Siemens Festival Nights reveals that 14% of people are in a relationship with someone they do not consider ''the love of their life''. Read on for other findings. 

  • 60% of people say it takes them 10 weeks to know if someone is 'Mr' or 'Mrs Right'
  • 73% of people have 'made do' with their partner because their 'true love' slipped away
  • 17% of people met the love of their life since they got together with their current long-term partner
  • 5% of people have been heartbroken more than five times in their life
  • 46% of people would leave their partner to be with their true love

Other interesting facts according to spinfold.com:

  • It usually takes 6 to 8 dates for a couple to become exclusive
  • It takes 3 to 5 months for a couple to break up.
  • When a man goes out on a first date, he should wear blue. Women are attracted to blue.

Read more interesting facts at www.spinfold.com.

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