Randall County and Potter County have put a burn ban in effect.

Fire fighting

Randall County

The burn ban prohibits outside burning.  No burning will be allowed until February 26th, 2018.

Those that violate the ban will face a Class C Misdemeanor.  If you are aware of any illegal burning, contact the Randall Sheriff's office.

The ban will be review in 90 days.

Potter County

Judge Nancy Tanner signed a 90-day burn ban

Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner on Monday signed a 90-day burn ban for areas of the county outside the City of Amarillo.

The only outside burning allowed in Potter County will be for firefighter training, public utility, natural gas pipeline or mining operations, planting or harvesting crops or other burns allowed by the Texas Natural Resources Code.

The area has gone without any precipitation for almost 40 days, and with the dry weather and wind, the burn ban has been put into place in both Randall and Potter Counties.


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