Dallas' Street 2

Including my neighborhood and I gotta tell you, seeing my taxes at work really sucks!  I like the look of a new street but the way they do streets in neighborhoods is absolutely stupid.  I'm sure you've been through this too.  They lay down all this gravel but they leave it loose?  Why on earth wouldn't they pack it down?  My guess is because we pack it down as we drive over it.  Just a shot in the dark there.  But this leads to many problems.

Dallas' Street 1
First it makes an absolute mess.  It gets stuck on your car, leaves tar marks all over it and can even get stuck up in your brakes!  I had that happen to me the other day, don't get me wrong it wasn't putting my life at risk, but the awful noise that it makes is worse then nails on a chalkboard.  On top of all that it gets up in your driveway as you can see and even in your grass, which comes flying out like a bullet from under the lawn mower when your mowing.

Dallas' Street 3

The damage is crazy too.  The loose gravel slings all over the place, gets stuck in your tires tread, making like a sling shot.  A sling shot that can fire off the rock at 70mph when your driving on the highway.  I forgot to get a picture but it actually put a rock chip in my friends window just coming through the neighborhood to get to my house.  And driving on it is just annoying, you need like 10 sub-woofers to hear your radio over it.

Okay so maybe I'm complaining on this little peek into my personal life, but I feel like I have the right to.  I'm sure anyone in my neighborhood or any other part of the city that's going through the same thing feels the exact same way.  It's such a pain and hassle to deal with and it just blows me away they don't pack this gravel down.  I appreciate the city trying to keep our streets nice and in good condition.  I want to emphasize on the word "trying" because that's all they are accomplishing is a "try", an attempt.

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