There's a lot to unpack with this rumored Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson engagement. The couple has only been together (well, Instagram official at least) for two weeks; they both recently broke up with longterm significant others; the Saturday Night Live star has Grande's initials and signature black rabbit ears tattooed on him, and he apparently spent nearly $100,000 on her custom-designed engagement ring that took two weeks to make. He reportedly purchased the ring last month, which lines up with right when the public found out about their relationship.

Are these two lovebirds really taking things this quickly, or are they trolling the internet by not confirming nor denying their recent engagement? The Arianators have some interesting theories about the whole thing.

On Monday (June 11), when the engagement reports broke, one Twitter user was quick to point out that Ari's ring was nothing new by posting two side by side photos with the caption "y’all ariana just went along with the rumor she’s probably sitting at home watching us all freak out and laughing her ASS off. issa scam she’s been wearing this ring for ages bye."

Another fan shared a similar thought by tweeting "ok but Ariana has literally had that ring forever."

The next day, more users chimed in to address spotting that same ring on the "No Tears Left to Cry" singer's finger as early as 2016.

One fan really went for it and made our brains hurt with this: "conspiracy theory: as ariana has worn a ring on her finger for years now, she has been engaged to pete this whole time but covered it up by ‘dating’ mac miller..."

And another brought up a very interesting angle that maybe her comedian beau purposefully fashioned the engagement ring to replicate one she already owns.

We can speculate all we want, but the fact of the matter is right now that's all we have—neither Grande nor Davidson have publicly announced the engagement. The pop star, however, didn't deny anything while responding to fans on Twitter Monday night, saying things like Pete has been notified that he'll also be marrying the Arianators and not correcting a fan who called her "Mrs. Davidson."

She even had a whole conversation with Camila Cabello on Twitter where they joked about divorcing after the news hit.

If the couple really is just playing along and is not in fact engaged, then we applaud them in their trolling skills. If they really are engaged then we wish them all the best. Regardless, if the last few weeks have been any indication, we're sure we'll have more to report in no time.


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