When we send our children to daycare or a licensed daycare facility we expect them to be well taken care of and kept safe. That's not the case in this incident, due to the irresponsibility of adults, a child was injured and now a Clovis daycare is being sued.

It is the responsibility of our child's caregivers at the daycare to take care of our children that we entrusted to their care. We expect them to make wise decisions when it comes to the safety of our children. However, in the case of on daycare in Clovis that didn't happen.  A child was injured during a fight that broke out between daycare employees.

A court document shows the parents are suing Future Generations and Elizabeth Parrez. The lawsuit claims Parrez started the fight. In the suit, the family says the child was injured and needed medical attention. It says the daycare was negligent in hiring Parrez and failing to prevent or stop a fight from breaking out inside the center. According to the document, the family is seeking damages for physical and emotional injuries. A search of court and jail records shows Parrez has not been criminally charged in this incident.

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