Amarillo residents just saw a new drainage fee added to their water bills and now it looks like there will be another utility increase.  This time, Atmos Energy customers will see an increase on their bills.

It seems that utility hikes always come during peak seasons.  Winter is just around the corner and we are all ready seeing colder temperatures.  Now comes the news that Atmos energy will raise the price in their natural gas.

So is the gas going to do anything different?  No special color or flavor, no magic tricks just more in price.  So why did they raise the price?

Because the Texas Railroad Commission approved the increase.  Atmos actually proposed the increase back in February, but the City of Amarillo fought it.  Not only did they postpone the increase, but they lowered the initial increase.

Atmos actually increased rates in several Texas Panhandle cities including Lubbock, Dalhart and Channing.

Customers can begin to see an increase on this months bill.  The average customer should expect to pay $3.24 per month.

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