It seems that scams have been all over the place lately.  Not only is our personal information always at risk, but it seems that we can't trust our phone companies either.  AT&T is latest company to betray their customers.

Today, the Federal Communications Commission, along with the Federal Trade Commission, announced that a settlement with AT&T was made for $105 million.  The settlement was made because of unauthorized charges on customers phone bills.

Tom Wheeler, the FCC's chairman, held a press conference where he reprimanded AT&T for 'cramming' customers phone bills for the last eight years.  Cramming is where the company adds charges without the permission of the customer.  A major part of 'cramming' comes from third party companies, like companies who allow you to buy ringtones with just a text message.

While AT&T is having to pay $105 million, it is being called a settlement and not a fine because they are admitting no wrong doing.  Wheeler did say, "There are a lot of other carriers involved in this as well," Wheeler said. "It's $20 million [a year] across all of the wireless providers in America, not just AT&T, and stay tuned about those other wireless providers."

If you feel that you were a victim of AT&T's 'cramming,' you can file a claim at  Consumers that are unsure about whether they are eligible for a refund can visit the claims website or contact the FTC's refund contractor at 1-877-819-9692 for more information.

The best practice would be to go over your monthly statement every month and make sure there are no suspicious charges.

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