Have you ever wondered what one thing Texas has more of per capita than any other state? Turns out it isn't BBQ restaurants or gun stores. Nope. It's pet tigers. Let that sink in for a moment. Pet. Tigers.

The website Estately made the claim in a new report.

According to the site: "With an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 pet tigers in Texas the state has more per capita than any other U.S. state. Not only that, there are more tigers in Texas than exist in the wild."

Besides being surprising, this easily tops some of the more depressing/weird things Texas' nearby states have more of per capita than other states.

New Mexico has the most cases of mental illness (and teen births and aggravated assaults -- triple threat!) per capita, while Louisiana has the most people in prison. Arkansas has the most hate groups, Alabama has the most racist tweets and Oklahoma actually topped Texas for executing the most people. Ironic, since you'd have to kill us before we moved there.

Other unsurprising notables: New York has the most lawyers, California has the most people who brag on social media and Massachusetts has the most liberals per capita.

Need we even say it? God Bless Texas. And its tigers.