Over the weekend, the Amarillo Police Department was made aware of several incidents near I-40 and Soncy that later turned out to be a joke. Residents in that area returned to their vehicles to find Post-It notes that said "sorry for the damage." In both reported cases, neither vehicles has damage. A witness told police they saw two males in a small white truck placing one of the notes on a vehicle.

Suspicious incidents like this have been linked to attempted robberies and abductions in news stories throughout the country. While this particular tactic has not been documented in other cases, it is known that criminals have used items of distraction to sneak up on a suspect as they are attempting to enter their vehicle.As always, police suggest everyone to pay attention to their surroundings and be on the look out for anything suspicious.

The suspects in this incident have been identified by Amarillo Police and this has been confirmed to be a joke. APD says there is no danger related to these notes and no criminal acts have been committed. 


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