What's Barry Bonds been up to since retiring? Well, apparently, he's taken up freaking people out as a way to pass the time.

Baseball's all-time home run leader shared this selfie he took with his godfather, Willie Mays, on Instagram. The 50-year-old Bonds is all smiles, while Mays, 84, is, well, sleeping. He looks more out of it than the Phillies do in the pennant race.

While a picture of two of baseball's most prolific home run hitters together should generate a sense of awe (kind of like this sports-related photo does), this one does anything but. First of all, there's a general disdain for Bonds because of the whole PED mess. Second, Mays is unconscious. You get the feeling Bonds would do this again if Mays was in a coffin. It's just really uncomfortable.

All we know is Mays is associated with the phrase "Say Hey," but this bizarre photo op has us saying, "Say What?"

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