The old Mike Tyson move to get out of a situation you don't want to be in.

Over in Denton, Texas this past Friday, a vehicle was weaving from lane to lane just past 11 pm. Police pulled over the driver 45-year-old, Christopher Rogers. Police say that Rogers was uncooperative from the beginning of their interaction. Police say after talking with Rogers, he punched an officer in the face. Two officers came in for backup.

That is when Rogers bit down on one of the officer's ears when they were trying to handcuff him. The officer had a portion of his ear bitten clean off. Rogers was eventually tazed and cuffed before being arrested. Rodgers would also kick a paramedic in the chest who was attempting to treat him.

Police said Rogers bit a section of ear approximately 1 inch wide and a half inch deep. They were not able to recover the chunk to attempt to have it reattached, so the disfigurement will be permanent. Cose said the sergeant was treated at a hospital and is recovering at home, where he expressed gratitude that the incident happened to him and not one of his officers.


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