You've no doubt heard the song Red Nose by Sage the Gemini.  Maybe you asked yourself, "what the heck does shake it like a red nose mean".  Let's go behind the lyrics with this song and find the meaning of it!

The meaning of it is actually said in the lyrics of the song!

"I told her shake it like a red-nose pit-bull
And I'm-a keep throwing money 'til your bank full"

To emphasize on it a little, I'll have to go back to the ancestors of dogs, the wolf.  When a wolf bites down on prey, it will shake its head in an effort to cause tissue damage, causing shock in their prey and an increase in blood loss.

So, when Sage the Gemini tells you to "shake it like a red nose", he's saying to shake your booty like a red-nose pit-bull shaking it's head while playing tug of war.

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