Let's just cut to the chase. Once you've been in a relationship for a while, finding new and interesting things to do on "date night" can be tough. How many times can you go to one of the same three bougie restaurants and keep the excitement alive?

Spoiler alert, you can't.

I did some digging, and I think I've found the best date night ideas in Amarillo to spice things up. Get ready for guns, ninjas, axes, and busted TVs.

Let It All Out in a Rage Room

We all have a lot of stressors in our daily lives. Work, the kids, the dogs, the traffic, and what we're going to have for dinner tonight all stress us out. This date night destination gives you a chance to let it all out.

All The Rage in Canyon is a rage room where you go in armed with a golf club, baseball bat, crowbar, or hammer and smash a wide variety of items. You get to destroy everything from printers (think Office Space) to TVs.

Nothing says romance like smashing stuff with a hammer.

Practice Your Aim With An Axe

If the idea of smashing office equipment with a crowbar isn't appealing, maybe this will tickle your fancy. Take your significant other out for a night of hurling axes at a wall to see who can get closer to the bullseye. Seriously.

JNC Axe Pit is an indoor axe throwing facility, and to be quite honest it does look like it could be fun.

Escape Rooms

Amarillo is full of escape rooms. If you want something challenging, that will have you exercising your gray matter, this might be up your alley. There are several different themed rooms to choose from at a few different locations.

Here's a list of various rooms across Amarillo.

Nothing Says Love Like Teaming Up for Paintball

Aggression Paintball in Amarillo has open play on the weekends so you and your sweetie can gear up, take aim, and let the paint fly. If it worked for Matthew Mcconaughey in Failure To Launch, surely it can work out for you.

Here's a link to their website for more info.

Be a Rock Climbing Ninja

Amarillo Rock Climbing House is exactly what it sounds like. It's an indoor rock climbing gym. Their Facebook page boasts rock climbing, bouldering, and ninja obstacle courses. Looking at photos, the obstacle courses look like the kind of thing you'd see on American Ninja.

You can find out more at this link.

There are a lot of options for date night in Amarillo that go beyond just having drinks and eating at yet another "bougie" restaurant. At least these ideas will give you something to talk about over your over priced drinks and okay-ish appetizer.

Plus, fellas, now you can come up with something other than Thompson Park.

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