Let's face it, the holidays were crazy and you probably didn't get everything you wanted for Christmas, however, you did get some money, so why not spend it on something cool.  Here's some things that you might want to buy in January because this is the only month where you will get the best deals on these items.


Fitness Equipment

Was one of your resolutions to lose weight and get into shape?  Well if it was this is the month to buy that fitness equipment and gym memberships.  They are usually discounted big time.


The stores are trying to get rid of the excess apparel that is stocked up on for the holiday, plus they are getting ready to start moving in the Spring collections.  So get on out there and stock up on some clothes and accessories.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Yep, Valentine's stuff is already in the stores.  So why wait.  Get it now and get it early and save some money.


It is said that the new furniture collections start hitting the stores in February, so the best time to get the best deals on furniture is in January.  So start picking out some of your favorite furniture and save some money.


January is the time to stock up on linens for the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom.  So if you have been holding off on buy some new sheets and towels, you can find some of the best deals in January.

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