Rihanna named the richest female musician in the world
I think we would all stand under her umbrella of incredible success. Come on Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr. DJ!!  OKAY, here’s how she became a true icon.
Rihanna has banked a $600 million fortune after launching a few profoundly popular businesses in makeup and lingerie, accordin…
Top of Texas Barber Battle & Expo 2017
Last year was my first time going to this event. I do have to say it was worth going, the people that cut our hair this is for them. Women and men come together to showcase the art of hairstyle.
Vans the Toy Story Fashion Statement
Vans clothing are celebrating the original characters from the animated film Toy Story in the new Disney Pixar Toy Story collection.  Vans will have Andy’s favorite toys across an assortment of footwear, apparel ,accessories for adults and kids this holi…
Smells That Make Your Man Super Sexy
66% of women say they are likely to kiss a guy on a first date if he smells good. Read on for other findings from a survey by AXE Body Spray and the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

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