Get ready for big deals for the Black Friday sales. This year will be the battle of who's going to have the cheapest TV's in town.

With the weather bringing abnormal temperatures to the Panhandle looks like there will be huge crowds this year to get their early Christmas shopping done. Best Buy seems to always be the leaders in deals when it comes to electronics. This year The Hacker Morning Show is camping out in front of the Best Buy store. We arrived Sunday night and have the 1st spot in line. Imagine all the good stuff you can get having the first spot in line. We'll, we're going to give you that chance to win our spot. No waiting in line, missing work, losing sleep, eating Thanksgiving dinner or not being able to watch football. Fill-out your information below and sign-up to win our spot. We will draw a winner Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m to see who will win our spot this year. Good Luck and Happy Holidays from Kiss FM.

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