We have received a message from the Randall County Sheriff's Department to warn people that there is a new Phone Scam going on around town. The Randall County Sheriff's Department have received many calls from people who were contacted by a person calling himself Sgt. Jackson and is claiming that he is with the Randall County Sherif's Office. This man is telling people that they either have a warrant or they missed a jury summons and that they will be arrested if they do not pay the fine. He is asking people to pay their fine by using a Walmart MoneyCard to avoid being arrested and taken to jail. The Randall County Sherif's Office does not employ anyone by the name of Sgt. Jackson and is warning people to lookout for this guy and his scam. Randall County Sherifs Office does not asked to be paid using a Walmart MoneyCard. If you do get contacted by this crook please contact the local authorities and do not fall for his scam!

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