'Tis but a flesh wound!

Most performers have suffered some sort of issue while performing live onstage, whether it's tripping and falling, the power going out, or a wardrobe malfunction. Sometimes, however, a singer's earring rips out and causes one's earlobe to start gushing blood—which is precisely what happened to Beyonce.

During her performance at the Tidal X: 1015 concert at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Saturday, October 15, the Lemonade star found her right ear bloodied after her earring seemingly ripped out while she was singing "Haunted."

Not skipping a beat, video from the show shows Queen Bey touching the minor wound before wiping the blood away and continuing with her set like a true professional.

After all, she's a true bad-ass: But if we've learned anything here, it's that Beyonce Knowles Carter is made of flesh and blood like the rest of us: She's mortal after all!

Watch below:

Of course, Beyonce has suffered worse problems while onstage before: A little blood is peanuts compared to tumbling down a string of steps in font of thousands of fans while performing. Thankfully, she wasn't hurt badly then, and immediately got back up with grace to continue her show.

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