Beyonce's clearly bounced back after postponing a New Jersey Formation World Tour stop for vocal rest — and on September 10, she helped one of her key team members to get engaged onstage.

In what dancer Ashley Everett may recall as the best Bey concert she's ever performed in, a special surprise came during the St. Louis show at America's Center stadium. After Everett performed the iconic "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" choreo by Beyonce's side, the pop star stopped dancing and affected a look of consideration.

"I think there's somebody out there to bring on the stage," Beyonce said, yielding a sea of hopeful screams. Choreographer John Silver joined her after a minute, borrowing her gold microphone to stride over to his girlfriend Ashley and pop the question.

"She’s my queen, so I feel like it’s only right to come out here in my hometown," Silver, a St. Louis native, told the crowd as Everett covered her mouth in surprise. When the deed is done, Beyonce adorably creeps up at the 4-minute mark — right as he literally puts a ring on it, meaning Ashley's finger — and scoots away backwards to give them another moment.

"Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Silver," Beyonce said. And after a hug from her fellow dancers, Ashley joined them to finish "Single Ladies" with the new sparkler on her finger.

Watch Beyonce help her dancer's boyfriend propose onstage below.

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