Thanks a lot guy, now no one will ever pull off a decent proposal again.

Yep, guys, sorry... This guy just raised the bar to all-new heights. The days of just casually getting down on one knee in a romantic setting are behind us, now we have to pull out all the stops, or just never get married.

This has to be one of the most over-the-top, and executed proposals I've ever seen. For starters, it takes place in a completely empty, but totally stunning stadium in New Zealand. That alone would make for an excellent proposal... But that wasn't enough for this guy.

Next, we see a gigantic box on the field. Inside this box? A brand new, shiny, pink SUV. OK, man, we get it, you want to marry her.

That ain't all though... We also see a gigantic firework display set off behind the new car.

This guy wins.


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