Newsflash: Beyonce is one fierce mama-to-be. In her new montage video for ‘End of Time,’ the stunning starlet shows us all why, exactly, she took on the moniker Sasha Fierce.

A blur of pink flashing lights set the scene for this clip, as the Queen B enters the scene, standing center-stage in a barely-there composition of sequins. When the song picks up speed, so do her curves, as she does her best to shake what her own mama gave her in every sense of the saying.

The video, shot during her four-night stint live at Roseland Ballroom, blends all of her ‘End of Time’ performances — and thus, outfits. When she’s not rattling her sequins, Bey rapidly models a flowy yellow shirt and a more formal gold glittery jacket, rarely showing any sign of fatigue.

While live concert music videos are like, so overplayed, Beyonce’s ‘End of Time’ performance brings in a whole new element of excitement with costume variations, quick camera movements and light changes, despite the fact that the scene is more or less the same. The best part of the video is not only how fast it moves, but how the fans keep up with no hesitation, mouthing the words to the song from the audience and sharing their queen’s same enthusiasm.

Really, Bey’s latest video treatment is more like the next copy of ‘Too Fast, Too Furious,’ in the sense that damn, Beyonce can dance her a– off. We suspect baby B/Jay-Z will come out with a pair of pumps on, ready to hit the floor, just like her iconic mom.

Watch the Beyonce ‘End of Time’ (Live at Roseland) Video

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