Don't know if this is 100% confirmed but the trend is flying all over the Internet! Yes the same lady who was acquitted on a murder, manslaughter and aggravated child abuse for her daughter Caylee's 2008 death.  The rumor is that Casey Anthony's Attorney confirmed that Casey Anthony has adopted a baby girl from Romania.

I'm still looking into this to see if this is really true. In Romania it costs $ 25,000 to adopt a baby. But know worries for Casey Anthony because these days she seems to be rolling in the dough! Apparently has been making by book deals, movies deals and apparently accepted to take a shot at the porn industry. Casey Anthony is now worth $8 million dollars.

Casey apparently offered the Romanian adoption agency $75,000 for the baby. Rumor says she is scheduled to fly to Bucharest to pick up her new victim I mean baby in July and return to the states as a new mother. Again I will look into to this to see if this is true or a big HOAX. If it's true she'll be living right here in TEXAS....

Her intentions are to prove to the world that she can be a mother! If this is true I pray for that child and I don't know how she can be living a normal life especially with the mom accepting to take a chance at the porn industry. Again if this is TRUE this is WRONG in so many ways.

Casey needs to get right with GOD first!

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