Beyonce should be in a great mood right now. She was just honored with the CFDA Fashion Icon Award and her Lemonade album has reached platinum status. However, one person feels that Queen Bey owes him for the success of her visual album.

According to TMZ, filmmaker Matthew Fulks is suing Beyonce and her record label, claiming that her Lemonade trailer copies his 2015 short film called “Palinoia.”

In question are the imagery featured in Bey’s 39-second trailer. Fulks contends that her standing in front of graffiti-covered walls, dimly lit parking garages and quick shots of “overgrown grass” and other images are a straight copy of his film.

Fulks also alleges that he knows that a Senior VP at Columbia Music, which is Beyonce's parent label, saw "Palinoia" and he believes he passed on some ideas to the R&B superstar for her Lemonade project, which started at the end of 2015.

We took a look at Fulks' short film and we didn't find anything uniquely original. Most trailers have quick cuts, abstract images and odd noises. We are just saying.

Fulks is seeking a piece of the profits from Beyonce's Lemonade visual album. Good luck with that.

We provided the videos of both Beyonce's trailer and Faulks' short film below for your own analysis.

Watch Beyonce's Lemonade Trailer

Watch Matthew Fulks' Short Film "Palinoia"

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