First, let me say that I've never really been one to believe in the whole psychic or spirit talker thing. I do believe that there is an afterlife, but as far as people being able to communicate with them, I was skeptic. That's how I walked into this. That changed after the reading.

I went into the reading with Maureen Hancock with the attitude that I might have to go along with this. Ya know, for radio's sake. But, I did try to keep an open mind. After the reading began, she brought up some things that at first seemed quite general, and that's when things got crazy.

She brought up the fact that I had not met my grandfather, that my father passed away when I was a teen (which is a very small percentage of people) and he had never met my daughter (but he does know my family and sees us), and information about my wife (that no-one could know). She also spoke of other things that were spot on.

Needless to say, by the end of the reading with her, I had goose bumps all over and was completely blown away. It was absolutely scary accurate and definitely changed my view.

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