I would like to introduce you to Spirit-Medium Maureen Hancock.

She's an 'East-Coast' girl, living outside the city of Boston with her family.

Maureen has been traveling with her hugely successful 'Postcards from Heaven' event. By using light-hearted humor, Hancock creates a celebration of life and memories during her shows.

One of the things that intrigued me while talking to Maureen is that she says that we all have the ability, inside of us, to hear from our departed loved ones.

Here are some excerpts from my conversation with Maureen.

'How did you become a spirit-medium?'

'What is a spirit-medium?'

'When I lost my wife I went through the five stages of grief, I mean it was almost 'textbook.''

'Have you ever done work with the Police force?'


Over the next few weeks Maureen will be chatting with me and I will also be inviting a few listeners to have Maureen speak to them and give them a 'reading.'

If you would like to have a personal reading with Maureen, just fill out the information below and we will pick a few randomly.






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