We may need to add another big parenting challenge to this list. While her daddy Jay-Z has called himself the “God MC,” not everyone thinks baby Blue Ivy Carter is quite so holy. Hov and Beyonce‘s little girl is under fire again — this time from a church! TMZ snagged a photo of the Beulah Baptist Church in North Carolina. According to the sign out front, the house of worship doesn’t look like it’s a big fan of the newborn. The sign read, “Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth.”

Thankfully, the church’s pastor doesn’t share the sentiments placed on the sign — because he didn’t even know about them until later! The pastor was only aware of the offensive message after receiving complaining phone calls from locals, and claims it was an act of vandalism. The Doomsday Declaration was immediately removed.

First Blue Ivy was never truly conceived by Mama Bey, then she was Lucifer’s daughter, then she was the Illuminati’s Very Youngest, now she’s Satan herself? We think if she were as powerful as the Prince of Darkness, she wouldn’t have needed such tight security measures at the hospital when she was born — she could have piled on the fire and brimstone herself.

Whoever is spouting hate on Blue Ivy better watch out, though — because hell hath no fury like auntie Solange on Twitter!

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