It doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would anyone want to vandalize a church in Amarillo? This isn't Norway in the 1990s, and I seriously doubt it gets you any kind of "street-cred."

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The vandals spray-painted upside-down crosses on the west side of the Central Church of Christ building on S. Madison in Amarillo. According to info from Student Crime Stoppers, the incident happened on September 7.

If you have any information regarding the incident, you are encouraged to contact Student Crime Stoppers by calling 806-372-8477. You can also make an anonymous tip by using the P3 app for iOS or Android, or online by following this link.

I've seen some calling it anti-religious, but I seriously doubt this is the work of some anti-church cabal whose aim is to bring down institutionalized religion. Instead, it's more likely that it was just some foolish kids trying their hardest to prove how edgy they can be; or an act of defiance that instead of sticking it to authority, just causes a lot of aggravation.

The information from Student Crime Stoppers points out that the act of vandalism caused monetary damages, but there is no indication of just how much those monetary damages are.

One would probably have to figure in the supplies needed to remove the "paint job," and the amount of labor involved. At least it's a brick building.

You can stay on top of the latest "Campus Crime of the Week" from the Student Crime Stoppers of Amarillo by following their Facebook page at this link.

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