The Walmart was evacuated around 4 p.m.

Police received a call that a bomb threat was found in the men's bathroom. Apparently, the message mentioned that there was a bomb inside the building. The store was completely evacuated.

The Canyon Police Department and Randall County Sheriff's Office were on the scene and asking people to avoid the area.

The store reopened after police searched the store and deemed it safe.

This threat came as a surprise to Canyon residents, who are used to the low crime rate in town. In fact, Canyon has a crime rate index of 34, compared to a national average of 100.

The people of Amarillo are just glad this didn't take place at the Walmart on Georgia. That particular Walmart has had a rocky year after an incident with a disgruntled employee ended with a man being shot by the SWAT team and a man accidentally shot himself inside the store.

We will update this post if any developments are made in the investigation.

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