It is official. Long John Silver's is no longer in Amarillo. Word has started circulating that the final Long John Silver's in Amarillo has finally closed its doors.

A simple Google search reveals the simple truth that the fish, chicken, hush puppies, coleslaw, and "crumbs" are no longer part of our city.

Credit: Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo
Credit: Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo

No more hung-over meals made up of chicken planks, fries, and hush puppies.

That's what Long John's was. The dining hall was never really full of people who made a habit of making good life choices. The food was greasy, fried, and generally considered unhealthy. But given the right circumstances, it was exactly what you needed.

From Nacogdoches, Texas to cities all over Oklahoma, and beyond, I've haunted the dining room of many a Long John Silver's. They're always the same, and there was a comfort in that.

It was never flashy. Some cheap nautical decorations would clutter the walls. There would be a wooden seagull here, a bell to ring on your way out, and pictures of the coast scattered between. The dining room was never exceptionally clean, but it was good enough for a few minutes so you could shove down your food and be on your way.

The bits of fried batter, or "crumbs," will be missed. Fries and hush puppies were the accessory to the meal, and the crumbs were the accessory to those. That extra bit of deep fried greasy goodness.

Bon voyage, Long John Silver's. I can't promise that we'll miss you, but we do thank you for the good times we shared.

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