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These weren't your typical Halloween decorations or anything you'd find at a local pumpkin patch.

Drugs continue to pour into the United States from overseas. Many drugs of course are coming through the open border with Mexico and is trafficked all over the United States. But people are also attempting to get drugs through out ports of entry.

This week Border Patrol Agents were able to stop a shipment of meth that was hidden as the drug runners attempted to cross through a port of entry. Rather than being hidden in a vehicle though, the drugs were hidden inside pumpkins according to NBC News.

CBP said 136 condoms were filled with 44 pounds of liquid methamphetamine and hidden inside four pumpkins. A photo released by the agency appeared to show items packed into a hollowed out squash. It characterized them as Halloween decorations.

The driver and passenger were taken into custody, CBP said.

On Oct. 2, CBP officers found 36 pounds of meth — worth an estimated $328,000 — in a vehicle at the same port of entry, according to the agency.

Good job to the border patrol agents that found the meth. There is no telling how many lives they saved with that one bust. It also shows just how good the agents are in looking for hiding spots that the drug runners are using.

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