It's official, I'm never ever going to fly again!  I don't care if it's a free trip to Hawaii!  I will NOT be setting foot on a plane EVER again!  I know, this isn't a common thing here, but once is enough for me.  Two pilots flying a commercial airline filled with passengers fell asleep at the wheel, I mean controls I guess?  Whatever, it's a hell no for me!

"Two pilots flying a commercial airliner filled with passengers were both asleep at the controls last month, leaving the jet on autopilot for an unknown amount of time, British aviation authorities said.

Authorities have not released the names of the pilots or the airline, but disclosed that the incident took place in August aboard an Airbus A330, capable of carrying up to 350 passengers, operated by a British-based airline.

The pilots came clean to authorities on their own, reporting the incident to their airline and the U.K.’s Civil Aviation Authority.

The pilots said they had received little sleep over two nights due to busy flight schedules and planned to rotate taking 20-minute naps, but they discovered they had both fallen asleep at the same time."

And that seals the deal for me!  Pilots are on crazy schedules, and with busy flight schedules, comes very little sleep.  Not so much a big deal for say a DJ like myself, but for a pilot who has several lives in their hands, drifting off to la la land isn't exactly "acceptable".

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