As a parent I find joy in the innocence of children.  They do things because they are fun.  They say whats on their mind because they have no filter.  Well sometimes as cute and adorable as that innocence is, it makes a huge mess.

Growing up I remember my little sister sitting on the bedroom floor covered in lotion from head to toe.  While her skin wasn't dry, my mom had to clean up a big mess.  As a mom, situations like this call for a "laugh it off."  I don't think you can get mad in this case, so the best thing to do is laugh.

Well I came across this video yesterday.  Two boys having the time of their life!  They dumped an entire bag of flour all over the living room.  And while they were enjoying playing in the white powder, their mom wasn't too happy.  In the video you can hear her say I feel like throwing up.  Haha.

I can't imagine having to clean that up, but since I don't have to I got a pretty good laugh.  I can just imagine my son doing something like that.  It looks like it is going to take forever to clean, but look how much fun these boys are having.  No way you can get mad at them.  Laugh it off!

Here's the video.  Enjoy!

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