Why wait for the money you need now, who knows when the government is sending out stimulus payments. Here's the deal, the real deal-Brooke and Jubal has a stimulus in the form of a Workday Payday. And YOU can WIN!

Beginning Monday April 13 listen to 96.9 KISS FM while you work, we will announce three daily keywords at 7 am 11 am and 4 pm. Those keywords are worth a thousand dollars each. All you need to do is open the 96.9 KISS FM app and enter all the keywords  daily for a greater chance to win, and get closer to the grand prize-$10,000! Make sure you have all your household smart phones connected with the 96.9 KISS FM app for even greater chances to win. The family that plays together WINS together!

Get the 96.9 KISS FM app tap here



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