There are few things on my bucket list. Sky diving and going to Ireland are just a few things on my list. But one thing that was never on my list, milking a live animal. Even though I am from New Jersey and I have stepped foot on a farm once or twice, I have never needed to milk an animal. If I need milk, I go to the store. So I really never thought I would have to do it until this past weekend. I was invited to be part of a special Goat Milking Competition. The Townsquare Media Team had to take on other members of the radio media. We did not do too bad. No one on our team has ever milked a goat. However, we took second place. That bad. So with that, I will add "milking a goat" to my bucket list and cross it off. Check out the pictures of me in action below. Is there something on your bucket list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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