Growing up I lived and breathed baseball. That was and still my sport. My first dream was to be the first woman in Major League Baseball. There is still time? Right? I grew up in Chicago right down from Comiskey Park, so baseball was everything.

When I got older and had the chance to work for the Amarillo Sox. I took that chance. I was able to be the on field person, work the ticket booth, and one magical night I got to be a ball girl. That was awesome.

Last year I got the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at two different games at Hodgetown. So when I read about this I thought maybe this was my next bucket list item. If you love baseball too here is a great opportunity. Hear me out.

Amarillo Parks and Recreation is looking for umpires for the upcoming softball season. I know this feels like it can be a thankless job. Really though it is really worth it. The best part is that they will train you. So you won't be going in there blind. Ha ha I used the phrase blind and umpire in the same thought. No, I have a lot of respect for umpires. All of them but one. But he has earned his disliking over the years in the National League.

credit: Amarillo Parks and Recreation Facebook
credit: Amarillo Parks and Recreation Facebook

So if you would love to learn how to be an umpire. Make the decisions that matter in the upcoming softball season. Mark something like this off your bucket list. Hey now is your time. All you have to do is make a phone call to start this process.

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