Cliffside Coffee would like you to meet Ben. Ben Wright is 1 year old and has Down Syndrome. Along with that diagnosis, he has other complications in his development. Right now, as everyone is concerned with Coronavirus and COVID-19, Cliffside is taking some time to look out for young Ben.

He challenges have resulted in Ben needing extensive care from medical professionals and surgeries - both of which are not cheap at all. Cliffside Coffee has announced that they are partnering with the Wright family to help pay down some of Ben's medical bills. On Saturday, March 21, Cliffside will be donating $1 from every drink purchase to help Ben and his family. March 21 is also National Down Syndrome Awareness Day.

Ben Wright is a true champion at just 1 year old. He has been through 5 surgeries in the first year of life, but his medical journey is not over yet. This year he will have at least 3 more surgeries and will have numerous other trips to see specialists in Fort Worth at Cook Children’s Hospital. Even with all he has been through, it’s hard to catch Ben without a smile on his face. He loves clapping and watching his sister run around constantly making efforts to entertain him. Thank you so much for considering supporting Ben’s family through buying a cup of coffee at Cliffside!

Who could say no that that smile? Remember, Cliffside Coffee locations are drive thru which is great for those who are concerned about Coronavirus and COVID-19. Both locations of Cliffside will be participating, 45th & Teckla, and Ross-Osage near 27th Avenue.

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