Today on "The Hacker Morning Show" we had 8 year-old Mason hanging out with us. If you've been listening to the radio, seeing posts on Facebook, and watching the news then you'd know who Mason is. He is an 8 year-old kid who is Autistic from Canyon, Texas with a huge heart and loves police officers. Over the weekend he opened up his "Aloha" lemonade stand to raise money for a mini-vacation for him and his family. He had Canyon police officers and firefighters come out and support Mason's lemonade stand. Not only was he raising money but he also gave out free lemonade to them to. On Sunday the Sons Of Liberty put on a event for Mason at the Region 16 with his lemonade stand. The community loves Mason and he has shared his positivity with us. This morning on the show he was surprised with a very special phone call from the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau. Check out the video and listen to what they had to say to Mason. Thank you Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau for doing this for him and his family, and thanks to Mason for spreading your love!

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