This has been an ongoing story that finally is about to have an ending. All the loose ends have been wrapped up and I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.

This all started New Years Eve. I had a conversation with my daughter that if she happens to go out and has a bit too much to drink well call me! I will be there. Oh and I would've.

So it is pretty late at night and my phone rings. It is my daughter so automatically my heart drops. She is on the phone. She sounds mad but not drunk. Oh and she wasn't She was, though, extremely mad.

Apparently her best friend had a bit too much to drink. She passed out in the front of my daughter's car. Not before telling my daughter she lost her phone. So my daughter went back in the house to see if she could find it. She could not. She looked for about thirty minutes.

When she got back out and told her friend. Well the friend got upset. She said that if it was my daughter's phone she would look harder. She was asleep in the front of her car so she didn't know that she was indeed inside for thirty minutes looking.

Well as having a bit too much to drink tends to do....she got a little irrational and threw a bottle at my daughter's windshield and cracked it. Yep. This best friend who came over and ate with us on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So I have an appointment to get my daughter's windshield fixed oh and yes the friend is paying me back for the damage. The follow up, though, is this. They located her phone. Yep, it was in my daughter's car the whole time. Under the passenger seat where the friend left it.

That whole night and the over $200 worth of damage could have been avoided had the friend not had so much to drink. Oh and remembered where she put her phone!

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