A friend of mine snapped this picture at 3:00pm today as he was commuting around Amarillo, taken at the corner of Hastings & the Dumas highway.

This is what happens when a car t-bones a truck, the car almost always loses.

The car did put up quite the fight it appears, as the wheels of the truck are sitting a few feet off the ground!  That had to have been a major impact for that to happen!

Remember kids, summer means vacations and more cross-country commuting!  So buckle up and take your eyes off your cell phone and keep them on the road!

Before you go on a road-trip this summer, have all your vehicles fluids checked, have the brakes checked, tires, have a trust worthy mechanic give your car an entire once over.  A few hundred bucks and a few hours of your time could be what keep you alive!

If you don't know a mechanic you can trust, KISS-FM trusts the team at Bruce's Mobile Repair for all our mechanical needs on the KISS-Mobile!