Now that Carmen Electra is 40, she seems a little more attainable. Like, maybe, she’s got less going on than when she was in her prime and would be willing to play dirty games with us online.

Well, Electra hasn’t quite stooped to that level yet, but at least her virtual self wants us to play some online poker with her. She’s now the spokeswoman for Pokerist Texas Poker, a free-to-play iOS game.

In the latest version of Pokerist, Electra greets you at the loading screen, teaches you the rules in the tutorial and even deals you your cards. Just like in your dreams. This endorsement seems a little more legit than, say, Paris Hilton pretending to play her namesake puzzle game.

Electra is a regular on the celebrity poker circuit and has even staged her own strip poker tourneys. We don’t remember getting any invites for those events, but people often send mail for us to the wrong address. Our town is Loserville with but they forget to add that second l on the end.

Happens all the time.

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