The saga of Amarillo Poker Club seems to have taken a turn recently. There has been plenty of drama. At one point, it seemed all hope was lost. Then, it was announced the club would be open and everyone was excited. That was followed up by a message that the club would have to wait to open.

Finally, there's some good news regarding Amarillo Poker Club...or should I say Amarillo Social Club?

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First, Let's Celebrate The Fantastic News

It's finally opening. It's really happening this time. Amarillo is joining cities all over the Lone Star State in allowing a social club like this to exist.

No fooling around or waxing philosophical, we'll get down to brass tacks. July 8, 2022 is the day that you need to put on your calendar. You need to set your alarm for 1 PM.

Actually, that's when they open. Set the alarm for a little bit before.

Now, What's Up With The Name?

If you go looking for Amarillo Poker Club, you can still find it for now. It's on Poker Atlas, which is an app you can use to find social clubs for card game enthusiasts. It's well worth the download. You can reserve your spot at the table, get an idea of what to expect when you go, and read reviews.

However, recently the Facebook profile image changed to a new logo. That new logo is for Amarillo Social Club.

A Big Congratulations To The Owners

The owners have fought hard for several years to make this a reality. A big congrats is in order. It's finally happening.

To keep up with the club, I recommend following them on social media or downloading the Poker Atlas app.

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